I can offer the following services to individuals or groups of users for non commercial use.

Website hosting

I offer website hosting services with the following facilities: PHP, password protected areas, and CGI scripts. (If you need a service that I currently don't offer, don't hesitate to contact me, and I will be happy to implement it).

The server is a RedHat Linux 9.0 machine with 2.4 kernel running Apache 2.0 on an Athlon 1Ghz with 512MB of RAM and ample hard disk space.

DNS services

I can offer Domain Name registration, and can either host it on one of our servers, redirect it to somewhere else, or point it at your own servers. I am also happy to set up subdomains, and secondary DNS servers to back up your own servers.

Email hosting

I also offer both POP & IMAP mail services for any registered domains as well as access via webmail.

Our servers support mail forwarding, address aliases, and autoresponders.

All emails accessed via POP3 or IMAP are also scanned with Spamassassin.

News services

I also run a News server so you can ask me questions, but it is open to others.

It is not linked to the main usenet network, so the normal usenet newsgroups are unavailable.

The web interface is available at

System status

View the current system status and statistics.

For more Information, contact us via email at